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Adept Chamber Circle 7 Pamphlet

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Manufacturer: Circle 7 Publishing
Manufacturer Part No: ADCC731421

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Adept Chamber Pamphlet:


 The word, Adept is an adjective and is derived from the Old Moorish Latin words, Adeptus / Adipisci. Adept means "One who has attained the great secret of Alchemy. Alchemy refers to the Old Egyptian Art and study of Metals and of the Elements. One of the ancient Moabite secrets of Alchemy was a method of transmuting base metals to Gold and Silver. Other unique alloys were also attained. The modern name for Alchemy is Chem­istry. 'Chemy' refers to the 'Land of Khem', meaning, 'the black Earth'. In Esoteric under­standings, and phenomena (think of mind and spirit), Adept refers to One who is skilled and knowledgeable in the elementary workings of the Mind; the elementary forms of matter of which all bodies are composed; and the Laws that deal with the organic and inorganic anatomy, and, thus, the 'nature of man. Hence, an Adept is One who is skilled in all the secrets of any particular disci­pline, science, philosophy or thing.


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